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Mike Ferguson - Make Big Data WorkRecorded Webinar

Keys to Big Data Success — A CEO Panel

Implementing big data isn’t as simple as deploying a Hadoop cluster and coding some Apache Spark jobs. Learn from our panel of experts about challenges and obstacles to watch out for as you drive towards big data success.
Speakers: Mike Ferguson, Principal, Intelligent Business Strategies.
Girish Pancha, Co-founder and CEO, Streamsets - Kaycee Lai, COO, Waterline Data - Adam Wilson, CEO, Trifacta - Sushil Thomas, Co-founder and CEO, Arcadia Data
Kirit-Basu Make Big Data WorkRecorded Webinar

Real-World Best Practices for Big Data Ingestion

Failure to automate data ingestion has torpedoed many big data initiatives. The business impact is delayed delivery of data-driven applications, a loss of confidence in data completeness and quality and perceived failure of your data lake project. The speakers will discuss current best practices for creating a data ingestion architecture.
Speakers: Kirit Basu, Director of Product Management, StreamSets. Mike Ferguson, Intelligent Business Solutions Categories: Data Ingestion
Andrew-Ahn waterline DataRecorded Webinar

Using a Data Catalog to Lift Your Data Out of the Fog

Whether your organization needs to perform big data analytics, comply with new data oriented regulations, or become more cost-efficient by reducing the amount of redundant data in your organization, you need to know what data you have and where it is located before you can take action.
Speakers: Mike Ferguson, Intelligent Business Strategies. Andrew Ahn, Sr. Director, Product Management, Waterline Data Categories: Data Catalog, Data Governance, Data Rationalization
Recorded Webinar

Data Wrangling and Big Data: Top Analytics Use Cases

Data wrangling has quickly become a hot topic and technology category within the Big Data/Analytics industry. The talk will include examples of how leading organizations such as PepsiCo, Royal Bank of Scotland and Kaiser Permanente are leveraging data wrangling to not only accelerate analysis processes but also incorporate new data sources that were previously too difficult to work with.
Speakers: Will Davis, Director of Product Marketing, Trifacta. Mike Ferguson, Principal, Intelligent Business Strategies Categories: Data Wrangling
Steve Wooledge - Make big data workRecorded Webinar

The Secret to Scaling BI & Analytics: How P&G, Kaiser Permanente, and RBC Make Big Data Work

If you’re thinking about using next generation data platforms such as Hadoop or the cloud, why would you look at legacy analytics tools to sift through the gold mine of information inside? Learn how Procter & Gamble, Kaiser Permanente, and Royal Bank of Canada make big data work for business value.
Speakers: Steve Wooledge, Arcadia Data and Mike Ferguson, Principal, Intelligent Business Strategies Categories: Business Analytics, Data Visualization
Recorded Webinar

Flipping Analytics on Its Head: How Big Data Self-Service Analytics Really Works

Presented by the Eckerson Group, this webinar will show how the traditional world of data warehousing and business intelligence has been flipped upside down. Instead of serial data pipelines of relational data managed, modeled, and batch loaded exclusively by IT, the modern analytics ecosystem supports multiple, iterative real-time data flows designed by data analysts close to the business.
Speakers: Dave Wells, Practice Director for Data Management, Eckerson Group Categories: Business Analytics
Recorded Webinar

GDPR Compliance: Strategies, Tips and Techniques for Your Big Data

The General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) will go into effect for much of Europe on May 25, 2018, and the downside for non-compliance is huge. Keeping data in a state for GDPR compliance is much harder than it sounds -- especially when you've got the volume, velocity and variety of big data.
Speakers: Sunil Soares, Managing Partner, Information Asset LLP Categories: Data Catalog, Data Governance, Data Ingestion

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