About Us
Passionate about Big Data

Let’s face it, big data is hard.  There has been too much hype that all you have to do is deploy a hadoop cluster and then magically, you will have great insights that will whiten your teeth, straighten your spine, and increase your organizations profitability by 50%.  The reality is that  most organizations are struggling to figure out how to turn their big data environments into a competitive advantage.  

The good news is that we are here to help.  MakeBigDataWork.com was started to expose organizations like yours to  the challenges in making big data work in your organization. Along the way we hope to educate you on technologies and approaches that will help you ride the big data wave to success.  Join us and your colleagues as we take this journey together to take advantage of all of the fabulous new technologies and approaches that will help you MakeBigDataWork.

Our Sponsors

Arcadia Data provides data discovery, business intelligence and real-time visualization in a single, integrated platform running natively on your Hadoop clusters.

website: arcadiadata.com

Website of StreamSets

StreamSets provides performance management for data flows, to harness the value of your data in motion with control, efficiency and agility.

website: streamsets.com

Logo for Trifacta - A sponsor of Make Big Data Work

Trifacta data wrangling allows you to discover, wrangle and visualize complex data quickly.

website: trifacta.com

Waterline Data Sponsor fo Make Big Data Work

Waterline automatically discovers, organizes, and surfaces the high-quality information scattered across your organization with an enterprise data catalog.

website: waterlinedata.com